Oprahs sleep doctor shares his tips!

Oprah Winfrey’s sleep doctor shares how you can get an extra hour’s rest on a hot night – and the accessory that’s like an ‘ice pack for your sheets’

Sharing his tips for how you can get an extra hour’s sleep in the heat, Dr Michael Breus revealed how you can ensure your shut-eye doesn’t take a hit.

From eating bananas before bed to the $499 accessory that he describes as an ‘ice pack’ for your sheets, here FEMAIL takes a look.

1. Choose the right sheets

While your room might be the ideal temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, if your bed temperature is all wrong it will disrupt your sleep.

  • Dr Breus said the perfect summer bedding has a thread count of between 350 and 450.

    Sheets and covers should also be made of cotton or bamboo, as these are the most breathable fabrics.

    2. Try bananas 

    One of Dr Breus’s more unusual hot weather sleeping tips is that you should try eating bananas or sipping on banana tea before bed.

    Speaking to FEMAIL, the sleep doctor said to make banana tea, you should ‘take a chunk of organic banana, peel on, cut it in half and with the stem and trip removed, and brew it in boiling water for four minutes.

    ‘The water will be loaded with magnesium, which is very calming and is a great replacement for camomile tea,’ he said.

    3. Stick your feet outside the covers

    In the hot weather, people can waste hours tossing and turning underneath the sheets.

    But Dr Breus has a simple suggestion for this – simply stick your feet outside of the covers.

    After doing some research on this, the sleep expert found that the soles of our feet have no hair and so lose heat faster than other parts of the body.

    The same applies for hands, which can also be kept outside of your covers to cool you down.

    4. Eat a light dinner 

    In the summer months, it can be tempting to spend long hours eating and drinking al fresco.

    But a light, early dinner has far more benefits for your slumber.

    ‘Stick to lighter meals like salads, of if you do have a heavier meal, be sure to leave at least an hour between dinner and bed,’ Dr Breus told the publication.

    He also said getting a good bedtime routine in place is also a great idea to help you sleep well.

    5. Shut out sunlight

    While it might seem obvious, eliminating any light – whether artificial or natural – can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep.

    ‘The secret to sleep is to pay attention to what you’re doing in those precious hours before bedtime,’  Dr Breus told FEMAIL.

    ‘Remove your makeup, wash your face, brush your teeth or take a hot bath or shower in a dimly-lit bathroom,’ Dr Breus said.

    He also said investing in blackout blinds or a sleep mask can be useful.

    6. Try a cooling blanket

    Lastly, if you’re really struggling to sleep, the expert recommends trying a $499 cooling blanket, which he describes as like ‘an ice pack for your sheets’.

    ‘There’s a device called the Chili Pad, which is kind of like a cold electric blanket, and I’ve been really impressed by it,’ Dr Breus told the publication.

    The blanket goes on top of a mattress to pump out air to cool you down.

    Others swear by popping your pillowcases in the freezer for a cool night’s sleep.