Can’t sleep due to stress? Heres 5 tips to help!

Can’t sleep; Stress can be caused by various things. A lot of stress can make sleep worse. Stress is commonly caused by: – Work – Family – Relationship – Health – Work or study deadlines – Financial situation These sleep tips for stress might help to sleep better or faster. However, these tips do not take away the problem and only help to reduce the symptoms. In addition of following these tips, it is important to address the causing factor of the stress.

1. Ensure adequate exercise

Enough exercise before going to sleep will make a body tired. This makes it easier to fall asleep. Try to exercise before going to bed, preferably 1-2 hours before bed. Exercising just before going to bed can reduce sleep.

2. yoga or mindfulness

Yoga or mindfulness training helps to become aware of the environment. This can help to relate to daily life and possible continuous routines. In addition, yoga or mindfulness exercises help to relax and lower stress before going to sleep.

3. a half hour’s rest before going to sleep

Before going to sleep it is important have the body and mind into a calm phase. For example, read a book for a half hour before going to sleep or just drink some tea. This gives the body and mind the opportunity to unwind.

4. Build in a moment of rest every day

A moment of rest during the day is important to reflect on everything what happened that day. Giving the mind the chance to process thoughts for a moment. Especially in a busy life this can help relax for a while and give the brain the space to process everything. For instance take a moment to close the eyes for 30 minutes during the midday. This helps to fall asleep as well during the night.

5. Go to bed on time

Going to bed on time seems almost something luxurious. Yet it helps to take enough time for night’s rest. Even though someone might not fall asleep directly the body and mind still rest.